The Secret of How to Stay Healthy and Wrinkles-Free without Surgery and Medications

There is a village in Japan where people routinely live into their 90s never sick a day in their lives. Cancer, Alzheimer’s and even wrinkles are rare, and no one seems to worry about their health.

What is their secret? What is the secret to a long, healthy life?

Connie Chung from ABC News visited this amazing village called Yuzurihara, located about 2 hours outside of Tokyo, Japan. The report from her visit is documented in the youtube video entitled “The Miracle of Hyaluronic Acid”.

The scientists first thought maybe the answer is good genes, but they eliminated that since when these villagers’ children moved to Tokyo, they were started getting sick like most of us and they died many years before their parents.

The other reason could be a low-stress lifestyle.

That helps, but there are many other places in the world where people have similar lifestyles, but they still get sick.

So, what is the secret?

They found out it is much more than a low-stress lifestyle.

It is their very special diet.

This diet consists of very little meat, but a lot of sticky starches and vegetables, and a special type of potato that happens to grow just in this village.

This diet gives them an abundance of a substance called Hyaluronic Acid (HA), more than most of us have in our bodies.

👉 HA is something we are born with, but we lose it about 1.5% each year.

👉 HA enables our bodies to retain moisture.

👉 It keeps our joints lubricated and our skin smooth and elastic. With it, our skin remains beautiful and our joints remain full of synovial fluid and therefore they do not degenerate.

So, why can’t we just bring these potatoes to the USA and adopt these villagers’ diet and lifestyle here?

There are several problems with this idea:

1)    Most people will hate this diet because it does not taste good.

2)    You would need to eat this diet from almost the moment you are born because you cannot rebuild HA from food, you can only stop the process of losing it.

Scientists started to think about how to go around this and provide a way for our Western society to replenish HA in our bodies so that we could also stay healthy, flexible and without wrinkles.

Researchers from all around the world started to look for the solution

It was a very difficult problem to solve because once we lose HA, we cannot replenish it from food. In nature, the molecule of HA is too large to be absorbed.

It has a size of 300 kiloDaltons (kDa) or more, and it should be around 1.5 – 2.5 kDa for our bodies to be able to absorb it.

Nearly all of the products on the market that have HA, either supplements or cosmetics, do not work because of this molecule is too large.

They are not absorbable, and it is not important what we take or use, but what our body absorbs.

Thus, the question is: how did these villagers in Japan never lose it?

There is an enzyme in our bodies called hyaluronidase.

This enzyme kills HA and speeds up the aging process.

Their diet deactivated this enzyme and that’s the reason their bodies never lost their HA content.

Many researchers from all around the world were trying to find a way to optimize the size of this molecule without much success.

Finally, an American company, after over 20 years of research, using scientists from top US universities, solved this problem.

They discovered a natural source and developed a product that:

  • Replenishes not only HA, but also collagen and other important components in our bodies in the same proportions as our bodies are built so our bodies can recognize it.
  • Has an optimally sized molecule for maximum absorption
  • Deactivates hyaluronidase so we stop losing HA as we age
  • Does not go through the G-I tract, but is instead absorbed directly, sublingually into our bodies
  • Was examined by FDA and was awarded the highest certification that any natural product can get – the GRAS certification (Generally Recognized As Safe)
  • Is in a liquid form – which is very important for maximum absorption
  • Has effectiveness proven by many double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical studies.

    Finally, we have a Fountain of Youth in a bottle that works, is proven, and tastes delicious!

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