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Dr. Grazyna Pajunen,

Dr. Grazyna Pajunen,

Board Certified Functional Nutritionist

Dr. Grazyna Pajunen was born in Warsaw, Poland. She received her Master degree in Electronics of Solid State from the Technical University in Warsaw and her Ph.D. degree in automatic control systems from the Helsinki University of Technology in Finland. She was invited to US to teach and has taught for a total of 25 years at Florida Atlantic University and UCLA. As a professor, she was involved in research and has over 50 referred publications. She also worked as a consultant for the local companies and holds 15 US patents with Motorola.

Her research was concerned with the application of adaptive control systems to different processes. It dealt with solving challenging issues with time varying parameters, noises and even changing structures. Although she has worked with many different areas, her favorite was the applications in the biomedical field. This was because she likes to help people live healthy lives with as little discomfort as possible. She was also involved with the research on practical implication of power of intention and the results were published several years go in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

The reason she wanted to come to United States was that this is the country of opportunity. Anybody who wants and is willing to work for it can achieve financial freedom. She likes free enterprise and she knows that the only way to become free is to open and succeed in your own business.

She has developed a successful Real Estate investment business and a social marketing business. She has also written a book entitled “Entrepreneur’s Guide to Social Marketing Success”.

Recently she started working with a company that developed a new generation of super nutraceuticals. They are so remarkable that they have received multiple industry awards and 7 US and international patents. The results are clinically proven and these products help tens of thousands men and women have their lives transformed without surgery, medications and injections.

Tony Pajunen

Tony Pajunen

Certified Health Coach

My name is Tony and I’m a certified Health Coach and entrepreneur who lives in Long Island City, New York. I coach people into better health by guiding them to better nutritional choices that are uniquely specific to each person I encounter.

I started getting interested in nutrition when a friend recommended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to me several years ago. She said it was a great school and that I would learn a lot, and I did. I thought at first they were going to give a list of all the bad foods and all the good foods, and that I would have to only eat foods from the good list... but it didn’t turn out that way at all! I learned that nutrition is so much more than that, it has so many more dimensions. Upon graduation, I felt fully ready to go into the world and teach as many people as I could about what nutrition really is and how best to nourish our bodies.

Around the same time, my father had experienced an amazing recovery from a debilitating shoulder issue from taking a new liquid nutraceutical and that the mobility in his arms had completely returned to him because of it. My mother Grazyna, who has a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and has worked in the biomedical field, became very interested in how he started regaining his range of motion within a few months and began to study this formula in more detail with me because it was truly revolutionary what this substance could do.

This new liquid compound has 7 US and international patents as well as 37 double-blind, placebo-controlled independent clinical studies that prove it was not just a coincidence that my father‘s shoulder improved. The unique formula could do something that couldn’t be done through nutrition alone, and that peaked my interest.

At this point, my mother and I decided to start teaching people about this patented liquid formula because we realized the impact it could have on people’s lives if they could experience it. It not only improves joints, connective tissue, and skin -- when combined with other ingredients, it also helps trim away dangerous visceral fat around the abdomen and internal organs!

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