Dr. Grazyna Pajunen, PhD

A few years ago, my husband had a serious issue with this shoulder.  He wasn’t able to lift his arm above his head.

He was in constant discomfort, and he wasn’t able to enjoy his life anymore.

Today, he is able to do chin-ups, push-ups, and he waterskis without any discomfort whatsoever…and he just turned 80 years old.  (As a side note, he also recently attended his high school reunion where they told him he looks better now than he did 10 years ago!)

What changed?  He began to follow a simple system of eating well, exercising, and taking unique and specific supplementation which enabled him to totally regain his mobility.

Tony Pajunen—       Certified Health Coach

There is only so far you can get with just eating well and exercising alone.  Trying to fix your joints with just doing those things can only give you limited results.

There are also lots of supplement combinations out there that have little to no effect.  Have you tried the chondroitin sulfate/glucosamine combination without any results?

Perhaps you’ve tried the collagen, the hyaluronic acid, the turmeric… and gotten absolutely nowhere?   If you feel like you’ve tried it all and nothing has worked, this is the system for you.

This truly unique system has 7 US and international patents.  It has 37 independent double-blind placebo-controlled clinical studies to verify that it really works.

You can finally feel confident again after regaining your mobility and relieving your joint discomfort in as little as three months.

To learn more about this incredible system, click on the video below and listen to the formulator discuss this new innovation to reduce joint discomfort and regain mobility.

Listen Below to the Formulator Discuss This New Innovation to Reduce Joint Discomfort and Regain Mobility


“After about three months, with continuing lightweight rehabilitation, all of a sudden I could begin to use my shoulder again.  Then after about a year, I was to the point where I was totally without any discomfort.”

“My knees seem better, everything seems less brittle, and I am very happy.”

The proof is in the pictures. Check out these actual results from subjects who took the daily recommended dose for 12 weeks.  Results may vary. Photographs provided by customers.

These results reflect what goes on inside the entire body as well including the joints, joint cartilage, and the entire connective tissue.